MusicMakesFriends Music-driven Community Platform Launched

If you find conventional radio boring but like to compile your own play lists, discover new music and meet people who like the same artists as you do in a safe environment then there is a new platform on the Internet for you: MusicMakesFriends.

MusicMakesFriends is where you will find other music lovers and artists and can listen to all kinds of different music around the clock for free. Launching today, it is the first pan-European music community in English, Spanish, German and French.

Combining all the best functions of music and community websites in one place you can access your own private locker where you can store up to 2GB of music, videos and pictures. You can create play lists, publish them as radios, and listen to other Members' radios and comment on them. Background material provides a wealth of information on the music and the artists you select and a wide range of different communication options makes it possible for Members and Resident Artists to exchange their ideas and recommendations in one of four European languages.

MusicMakesFriends is an entirely web-based service that utilises streaming technology to allow users to easily access their music, videos and pictures over the Internet. The only technical prerequisite for using the service is a broadband connection.

MusicMakesFriends offers three different access options: Firstly, any user can access the website as a "Visitor" in order to trial the service and get a first impression of the MusicMakesFriends community and the various tools users are provided with. Once registered for free as a "Member" you can take advantage of a wide range of music and community functions including storing your own play lists in your own personal online locker, publish them as radios on the site and meet other members with the same musical tastes. Finally, for those Members who want even more freedom and exclusive features, the service will also include a "Premium Access" option. "Premium Members" will be entitled to use all the available premium and exclusive services with unlimited and on-demand access to a wide and deep music catalogue. This service will be available from July 2007.

MusicMakesFriends has partnered with the music industry and respects the artists whose music is published through the site. In order to protect and remunerate their work, MusicMakesFriends was the first European music community to sign with Audible Magic, a US-based company specialising in copyrighted content identification and management solutions. MusicMakesFriends has also signed a framework agreement with SACEM Luxembourg and SACEM France to cover the intellectual rights of authors and composers.

In the UK, MusicMakesFriends has signed a license agreement with Phonographic Performance Limited for international coverage. In addition, the platform has entered into commercial agreements withrecord labels to clear their catalogues for the MusicMakesFriends free and Premium Access sections and to provide the platform with an extensive, legal catalogue of famous artists.

Ambitious musicians can also upload their own music for exposure to a fast growing community. Thus, MusicMakesFriends respects the copyrights of the artists and offers a platform to the promising stars of tomorrow.

MusicMakesFriends website has been designed to welcome all music genres and to appeal to all music lovers. Desgrippes Gob?, who created the web design, followed the objectives of MusicMakesFriends to give its Members a friendly, light environment in line with the community and music values, hosting all kinds of musical genres. MusicMakesFriends Members can customize their pages to suit their own individual tastes: There is no limit to your imagination as a music lover in creating your own profile. Members can give free expression to their own personalities in their taste in music as well as in the design of their own page with skins, pictures, videos and much more.

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