SeeWhy Business Process Management Integration Kit Released

SeeWhy Software has released the SeeWhy Business Process Management Integration Kit. Designed for software developers and others familiar with BPM, the toolkit helps organisations take advantage of SeeWhy's real-time analytics in a wide range of business processes. The BPM Integration Kit extends SeeWhy's drive to build intelligence into operational processes and the company's position at the forefront of the business intelligence industry's support for service-oriented and event-driven environments. Using the kit, any BPM product can be integrated using Business Process Execution Language or proprietary process definition languages such as JBoss jPDL.

Business process management and business rules engines manage the flow of processes and rules, but both provide limited analytic capabilities; in particular, they struggle to handle time-series analysis and the personalisation of processes or rules to individual customers, products or transactions. SeeWhy Profiles continuously track expected behavior of individual entities, such as customers, products and devices so that in-process analytics can evaluate the current event in the context of past and expected performance.

SeeWhy's unique design allows it to be readily incorporated into other applications and to tap into data in flight from the corporate network, web, or middleware such as enterprise service buses and message queues.

Building SeeWhy's event stream processing software into BPM and business rules systems can:
Trigger business processes SeeWhy monitors events for business risks and opportunities. If early warning signs of customer dissatisfaction are detected, for example, the BPM engine can initiate a retention process.
Add analytic process steps to a modelled process For instance, an insurance claims process can add a real-time fraud check.
Create real-time alerts The SeeWhy system can detect anomalies in customer behavior or business performance and alert users when, for example, an unusually large order for that customer has been received but a backlog is delaying processing.
Allow business activity monitoring To provide visibility into processes executing in real time and identify delays.

The SeeWhy BPM Integration Kit is a 60-page document that guides BPM pros through integration between SeeWhy and BPM products. JBoss jBPM is used as an illustrative example with associated code snippets, and SeeWhy can be integrated in the same way with any BPM product that uses BPEL.

The SeeWhy BPM Integration Kit is immediately available through the company's website. The toolkit is available free of charge both separately and as a part of SeeWhy Community Edition 3.2 and can be downloaded fromthis page.

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