Teledex Rolls Out Six New Teledex iPhone Products

Teledex unveils six new models in its Teledex iPhone lineup. The family of phones presents a complete solution for guest room deployments in hospitality, presenting a consistent look and feel across all models, as well as outstanding performance characteristics and build quality.

The new models announced today are: the Teledex iPhone Hybrid HD6200 series; Teledex iPhone SIP LD4200 series; Teledex iPhone SIP ND2200 series; Teledex iPhone DECT cordless; Teledex iPhone cordless RediDock; Teledex Opal cordless RediDock; and Teledex iPhone Trimline. The company also announced a slight name change in its popular iPhone A series phones to align its naming convention with the new Teledex iPhone models.

Hybrid HD6200 series
These display phones combine an analog phone with a brilliant 5.6-inch color touchscreen display, to deliver cutting edge content and applications to the one device that is always on in the guest room, the telephone. No matter whether a hotel has an analog or VoIP infrastructure, Teledex iPhone Hybrid models can deliver the services and content guests want, and that hotels need to increase profitability. Hybrid iPhones can be converted via a simple software upgrade to SIP phones, enabling hotel operators to protect their investments in existing analog networks, and yet easily and affordably upgrade to VoIP environments in the future.

SIP LD4200 series
Teledex iPhone SIP display phones are identical in appearance to Hybrid display models, but offer plug-and-play functionality with a wide range of IP-PBXs. Boasting a brilliant 5.6-inch color touchscreen display, SIP LD6200 series phones integrate with third-party content from leading content and application providers, to deliver a captivating guest experience. Designed specifically for the changing needs of the global hospitality industry, the new SIP display phones are an enabling platform for new revenue-generating services, as well as offering many new opportunities for reduction in hotel operating expenses.

Both the Hybrid HD and SIP LD Teledex iPhones leverage common browser-based technologies, enabling content and application development in an open, collaborative environment. Supporting XML and HTML languages, Teledex iPhone makes developing custom content and applications a much more streamlined process than with other, more proprietary systems.

SIP ND2200 series
A companion product to the display iPhone Hybrid HD and iPhone SIP LD phones, the new SIP ND series is based on the company's iPhone analog A series. An updated classic hotel room phone, the SIP ND series combines elegant industrial design with the latest VoIP technologies to provide the hotel industry with the first VoIP non-display phone designed specifically for hospitality.

Teledex iPhone DECT Cordless
Available in 1.9 GHz and 1.8 GHz versions to satisfy the varying frequency requirements around the world, these new cordless phones provide a true global solution in attractive new designs that integrate perfectly with all other Teledex iPhone models. Utilizing the latest DECT technology, Teledex iPhone cordless phones do not interfere with commonly available wireless access points, that typically operate in the 2.4 GHz range. Such interference is a common problem in the dense operating environment of a typical medium-sized or large hotel.

Cordless RediDock
Teledex RediDock is a remote charging station for a Teledex cordless handset, that enables one DECT base station to support up to four handsets in a guest room or suite. Available for both the new iPhone cordless phones, as well as existing Teledex Opal DECT cordless phones, RediDock enables greater flexibility in guest room deployments. Now, hoteliers can place a phone handset wherever AC power is available, with no additional phone wiring or jack installation required.

Teledex iPhone Trimline
The company's new iPhone Trimline models share the same design flair as the rest of the Teledex iPhone family, and present a compact, convenient solution for deployments in bathrooms and hallways. Currently available in analog models only, iPhone Trimlines come in single-line and two-line configurations, with or without a visual message-waiting indicator.

Teledex iPhone Analog
The company also announces a minor name change for its iPhone A series analog phones. This iPhone series is now named the Teledex iPhone A1100 and A1200 series, to reflect the naming convention taken on by the entire Teledex iPhone lineup. There is no design change to this Teledex iPhone series.

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