Yoggie Appoints Wick Hill

Wick Hill has been appointed distributor for Yoggie Security Systems, makers of the new Yoggie Pico Pro, a multi-functional security system on a USB stick. As well as selling through existing channel partners, the distributor will be looking for more resellers to take this new solution into the UK business market.

The Yoggie Pico Pro really is a breakthrough in security appliances for laptops and PCs. For the first time corporate users can benefit from 13 security applications on a miniature computer contained in a USB stick which simply slips into a PC or laptop's USB port. Uniquely, the Yoggie, Pico Pro which is actually a full and robust Linux based computer, offloads all security applications onto the USB stick, allowing Internet traffic to be screened before it executes on the laptop or PC; and only once Internet traffic (including, for example, all email content and any respective attachments) has been cleansed, is it allowed to enter the computer.

No bigger than your thumb, the new Yoggie Pico Pro manages the 13 security applications, including updates. It is also the most powerful computer to be placed into a USB stick and is an Intel Pentium level 520 MHz platform. Through the combination of offloading security onto a piece of dedicated hardware and its patent pending technologies the Yoggie Pico Pro is not exposed to PC-related vulnerabilities as its software-only counterparts are. The security applications contained on the Yoggie Pico Pro are:
- Anti Virus;
- Anti Spam;
- Anti Phishing;
- Anti Spyware;
- Intrusion Detection (IDS);
- Intrusion Prevention (IPS);
- Web and Mail Proxies;
- Firewall (stateful inspection);
- Web Filtering;
- Adaptive Security Policy;
- Multi-Layer Security Agent;
- Layer-8 Security Engine;
- VPN Client.

The Yoggie Pico Pro allows IT managers to extend control to their travelling workforces by enforcing policies using the Yoggie Management Server, which monitors and manages the fleet of travelling Yoggie Pico Pro devices. Installed in the IT server room, it provides security policy updates, signatures, and rule-base updates, while obtaining local logs and events for complete visibility. Finally, IT Security managers can protect their organisations' mobile and remote platforms in a non-intrusive, yet consistent manner.

The Yoggie Pico Pro also offers:
- A hassle free hardware-based security solution - does not require complicated installation and configuration - just plug into the USB port where it immediately begins cleaning all of the Internet traffic running to and from the computer.
- The elimination of the conflict between the user's desire for freedom and the IT manager's concern for security.
- Increases laptop/PC performance by offloading 13 security applications onto one piece of dedicated hardware.
- No need to install heavy software products that pop up with confusing messages.
- Internet updates on an hourly basis, without disturbing the user or hampering laptop or PC resources.
- Prevents unprotected or unauthorized Internet access. By removing the Yoggie Pico Pro from the computer all network connections are stopped.
- Protection from Web and Mail threats via one simple to use appliance.

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