Home Phone Tunes Launches Ringboxx

Home Phone Tunes has introduced Ringboxx, the first product to give people a simple way to personalize home phones with music and exclusive audio content. Ringboxx allows people to identify callers instantly, even when they are not near their phones, by using the ringtones they assign to friends, family or even unwanted 800 numbers. Just as ringtones are now a popular way to personalize mobile phones, the Ringboxx can transform a standard home phone by reflecting its owner's personality.

Ringboxx connects to any home phone jack and is compatible with all standard landline phones. By using the Ringboxx software compatible with most PCs, Ringboxx owners can browse thousands of ringtones, ranging from popular music tracks to comedy clips. Users subscribing to Caller ID service available from their phone provider can easily program Ringboxx ringtones to specific incoming numbers. For those who don't have Caller ID, customers can set the Ringboxx to an "All Play" mode. This allows Ringboxx to sequentially play through purchased ringtones in the library. Home Phone Tunes' content providers include The Orchard. In the near future, original sport, collegiate and leading music entities providing audio for the Ringboxx will be announced.

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