Teradici Unveils PC-over-IP Technology

Teradici has developed a groundbreaking technology platform that for the first time delivers a complete PC or workstation user experience over standard corporate networks. Teradici's technology, called PC-over-IP, enables better managed and more secure computing for the enterprise without compromising the demanding expectations of end users. Teradici's innovative technology is centered around breakthrough algorithm innovations in image and I/O bridging, and is delivered by an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chipset. The TERA Host and Portal chipset, the engine of PC-over-IP technology, is integrated both in the datacenter and at the end user's desk. In the datacenter, PC or workstation blades, rack mount or tower PCs integrate the TERA Host Processor. At the end user's desk, the TERA Portal Processor enables a very simple, stateless device.

In recent years, IT managers have anticipated that the centralization of PC and workstation assets to secure and manage datacenters would happen as quickly as it did for servers and storage. The problem has always been the delivery of the PC experience their user base expected. Existing software and thin client technologies solve part of the problem, but fall drastically short in terms of multimedia, video and peripheral connectivity. Teradici's PC-over-IP technology enables all the benefits of centralization, but with an unprecedented, rich PC fidelity. Users access and work with their PC or workstation as if it were under their desk, when in reality it securely sits miles away.

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