3CX, Grandstream to Deliver Windows-based IP-PBX Solution

3CX and Grandstream Networks have completed interoperability testing between 3CX Office Phone System for Windows and Grandstream SIP based products including the GXP Series, the BT Series, the HT ATA Series, and the Analog FXO Gateway Series.

Grandstream products are based on SIP standard and offer broad interoperability with most 3rd party SIP products. Each product line is feature rich with superb audio and video quality, and is easy to manage through web browser and automated secure provisioning. Grandstream SIP Phones support multi-line conferencing, voicemail, and advanced telephony features including call waiting, call park, call transfer, hold and mute. The BT Series is a single line SIP phone designed for the residential and SoHO markets.

The GXP Series includes two models GXP2000 (4-lines) and the GXP2020 (6-lines). The series offers power-over-Ethernet (P-o-E), dual 10/100 auto-sensing Ethernet ports, individual SIP account/line and XML capabilities. The GXP Series is expandable using a 56 button expansion car, offers MLS (multi-language support) in 6 languages, AES encryption and remote configuration for quick deployment over a large network.

The HandyTone ATA Series includes five products and offer an IP solution for the home or remote office. The GXW410x FXO Gateway is available in 4 or 8 port models and supports up to 3 SIP account profiles, 1 or 2-stage dialing, caller ID, T.38 fax, programmable PSTN line settings for various different countries/regions, and comprehensive codec support. The GXW410x analog gateway allows any business to seamlessly connect multiple locations with up to 8 PSTN lines, to an IP PBX system.

3CX Small Business Phone System for Windows and Grandstream gateways and phones allow businesses of all sizes to easily implement a complete telephone system. The solution is more manageable and scaleable then traditional PBXs since its software based. Lines and extensions can be added simply by adding more Grandstream SIP phones or gateways. The complete solution also cost a fraction of traditional PBXs, whilst having more features. 3CX Phone System is also available as a free edition.

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