HumanConcepts Releases OrgPlus in Japanese

HumanConcepts has announced the availability of the Japanese version of OrgPlus, a solution for organizational charting and workforce modeling. OrgPlus is used worldwide, and is available now in 6 different languages. HumanConcepts also announced the launch of to support Japanese speakers in their native language.

OrgPlus is available through a network of distribution partners in 30 different countries. With the release of the Japanese version of OrgPlus, HumanConcepts is now recruiting distributors in Japan.

OrgPlus is an organizational charting and workforce modeling software that enables human resource professionals to better assess, plan and communicate organizational structure. The OrgPlus technology platform provides the ability to manage change, such as re-organizations, mergers and acquisitions and succession plans.

OrgPlus is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese and now Japanese.

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