Kodak Intros Enhanced Scan Station 100

Eastman Kodak Company announces that the KODAK Scan Station 100, its networked scanning device, will now support Notable Solutions' distributed capture workflow software, AutoStore, to considerably enhance compatibility with numerous best-of-breed business applications, databases and document management systems. This is being achieved by embedding AutoStore client software directly onto the Scan Station 100 for simple ease-of-use.

NSi's distributed content capture workflow platform, AutoStore, provides customers with a proven, rules-based workflow solution for capturing, processing and routing content to a wide variety of business applications, databases and document management systems. These include but are not limited to Documentum, AplicationXtender, Alchemy, Microsoft SharePoint, Domino.Doc, Interwoven WorkSite NT (iManage), FileNet, eDocs (Hummingbird), IXOS, Lotus Notes/Domino, OnBase, DB2, Oracle, SQL, LAN Fax, Microsoft Exchange, and SMTP Email Sending.

Delivering walk-up simplicity, Kodak's Scan Station 100 enables staff in small or large businesses or offices with paper intensive environments to scan documents without requiring a dedicated PC. Featuring both a scanner and a GUI-based touch screen, the Scan Station 100 allows users to easily share documents at a touch of a button via emails, save them to a network folder, send them to a networked printer or copier or save them on a portable USB memory stick.

The Scan Station 100 connects to existing network infrastructure using 10/100 Base-T Ethernet and, using Kodak's Perfect Page imaging technology, can produce high quality scanned images with resolutions of up to 600 dpi and 25 pages per minute.

For the first time, the Scan Station 100 can completely leverage AutoStore's document processing features including OCR, ICR, barcode recognition, watermarking and encryption, as well as advanced forms-recognition for areas such as accounts payable processing. The integration makes full use of AutoStore's platform including authentication services using LDAP, NTLM and Netware eDirectory, enabling the device to become an embedded part of the network infrastructure with minimal IT intervention.

Standard features include:
Direct integration with email systems including Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Note Domino;
Direct connection to LAN Fax server using the AutoStore LAN Fax module meaning direct faxing from users' desktops;
Preview of scanned images for image quality control, including re-scan, image rotation and more;
Indexing of documents at the time of scanning, using manual or automated methods, where data is validated against external sources such as databases;
Complete display customisation using AutoStore SMARTICKET.

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