HumanConcepts Ships OrgPlus Enterprise 3.0

HumanConcepts has announced the first customer ship of OrgPlus Enterprise 3.0. OrgPlus Enterprise 3.0 includes several new features to ease the management and visualization of corporate organizational structures. The new Change Management module provides the ability for inaccuracies or changes to organizational structures or workforce data to be updated in the source human resources system.

OrgPlus Enterprise 3.0 is designed for organizations with more than 500 employees, and integrates with leading HR systems to provide easy and secure access to graphical views of employee information, organizational structures and directories through a web browser. OrgPlus provides executives with a real-time dashboard of their workforce, provides managers the tools and information they need to plan and action workforce change, and empowers employees with a better understanding of their organizations and available resources.

OrgPlus Enterprise 3.0 extends these benefits, with powerful new features, including:
- Improved Charting Several new features enhance the presentation of more complex data structures, such as co-managers, alternate reporting relationships and multi-record boxes. Automatic branch style optimization now ensures the best possible layout for complex charts, while a new hotspot feature allows extended information to be presented for any employee record.
- Enhanced Analytics A more sophisticated calculation engine provides for many new Excel-like calculations.
- Enhanced Administration An additional level of administration provides easier and more secure management of chart, system and security parameters. Many more configuration options are now available through the OrgPlus Enterprise web-based interface.
- Enhanced Directories Directories of non-hierarchical information, such as conference rooms or facilities can now be imported, searched and displayed.
- Orphan Management This important new feature helps HR professionals capture and validate org structures and identify employees or positions with invalid or incomplete information.
- Email Alerts This new administration feature enhances system messaging and data integrity.
- Deeper Sap Integration OrgPlus Enterprise can now query SAP for Position-to-Position hierarchies in addition to the existing support for OrgUnit-to-OrgUnit hierarchies.
- Enhanced PDF and PowerPoint Publishing Charts can now be published to PDF and PowerPoint in book format. A published book can include a cover page, table of contents and an index.
- New Change Management Module This optional functionality facilitates the data validation and maintenance process in organizations, by allowing employees to submit change requests where data has changed, is incomplete or inaccurate. Requests enter a workflow process where they can be approved by an administrator and staged to be written back to the system of record. This new functionality has the potential to significantly improve data validation and integrity in organizations by allowing end users to report inaccurate information. It is also particularly useful in fast changing environments such as the retail industry, or in projects where data is being collected and consolidated for uploading into a new HR or ERP system.

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