WatZatSong Launches in English

WatZatSong, the free collaborative song naming website, has released its English version. What is more painful than having a tune stuck in your head when you don't know its name or artist? WatZatSong can solve this problem. To identify a tune, simply hum it into a microphone connected to your computer and then the members of the WatZatSong global community will listen to it and tap into their music knowledge to tell you what it is. After that, you can listen to a real sample of the song on one of the music partners' websites, and if you like buy the track.

Available since June 2006 in French, WatZatSong has already proven its effectiveness: 85% of the 8,000 samples posted to date have been named and close to 40% of these in less than 5 minutes.

By launching thewebsite in English, WatZatSong becomes available to a larger number of music enthusiasts and considerably broadens its knowledge base. For instance, a traveler who heard a song in India now has the chance to have it quickly and painlessly named when he/she gets back home.

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