Information Leak Prevention Software with Web Intelligence Issued

Websense has unveiled Websense Content Protection Suite v6, the industry's first security software that integrates information leak prevention capabilities with Web categorization and filtering to provide organizations with a new level of information protection. This combination of content and destination awareness, available only from Websense, allows automated enforcement of who has access to what information, how the information can be used, and where it can be sent. As a result, organizations can take advantage of emerging online business productivity applications, such as Web 2.0 sites confident that security and usage policies, as well as predetermined business processes, are enforced and sensitive data is protected.

Websense Content Protection Suite v6 combines content and context awareness leveraging Web intelligence through integration with Websense's URL database and ThreatSeeker malicious content classification technology, as well as new context-based data recognition capabilities that increase detection accuracy and enable organizations to create and enforce powerful, user-specific data sharing policies.

Over the past two years, data leaks have compromised more than 150 million personal data records, according to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Analyst firm Forrester wrote in the April 2007 report, "Calculating The Cost of a Security Breach", that a security breach can cost anywhere between $90 and $305 per record, meaning that the cost of a single, significant breach may run into millions or even billions of dollars. Websense Content Protection Suite, with its new context- and content-based policy enforcement capabilities, helps curb this alarming data loss trend.

New capabilities in Websense Content Protection Suite v6 include:
- Context Awareness and Control - Unlike other information leak prevention or content filtering solutions, which provide organizations the limited choice to "allow" or "not allow" online applications such as Web-based email or file download sites, Websense Content Protection Suite enables organizations to set intelligent policies that allow employees or groups of employees to use these and other online business productivity tools securely. Organizations can now authorize Web site categories they have traditionally blocked, while protecting their data from information leakage. For example, an organization could allow an employee or group of employees to access their personal Web-based email accounts, but restrict them from sending sensitive corporate information through those accounts.
- Enhanced Content Awareness Websense Content Protection Suite v6 adds PreciseID Natural Language Processing which allows the detection of virtually any type of content while increasing the performance, efficiency and flexibility of information detection.
- Advanced Security Protection - The combination of Websense's ThreatSeeker and information leak prevention technologies adds layers of context, along with advanced risk mitigation capabilities, and represents a major step-forward in protecting information from a growing number of information-stealing, targeted attacks.
- Management and Deployment Enhancements - Websense Content Protection Suite also provides a unique graphical interface to manage large-scale, multi-site and distributed component implementations. This new feature and the industry's first multi-platform "soft appliance" option, provide unmatched flexibility and make deploying and managing enterprise implementations significantly easier than other products both for customers and the channel partners who support them.

Select channel partners and customers are currently evaluating the beta version of Websense Content Protection Suite v6. General availability is anticipated by August 2007.

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