YUDU Launches Two New Digital Edition On-Demand Publishing Tools

Publishers and content owners can now take control of their digital publishing process, thanks to two new on-demand publishing tools launched by YUDU Media. YUDU Publishing PRO and YUDU Publishing EXPRESS have been designed to meet the needs of publishers and content owners of all sizes, allowing them to create in minutes a digital edition of a magazine, newspaper, brochure or catalogue.

YUDU Publishing PRO empowers large publishers and content owners to create, quickly and easily, digital editions – an electronic replica of a print publication –combining the benefits of online and offline publications in a cost-effective way. Publishers can use digital editions to reach new audiences across the world without increasing print costs, as an unlimited number of copies can be distributed globally, offering an impressive return on investment. Digital editions are also included in ABC circulation figures.

Digital editions created using YUDU Publishing PRO feature vector text and infinite zoom, meaning razor-sharp, crisp text at any size. Accessibility is aided with the production of a parallel version in text only. YUDU Publishing PRO also offers a full digital rights management (DRM) tool, tailored for individual publishers, to manage and protect paid-for subscriptions. Readers can also click through directly to an advertiser's e-commerce website and make a purchase directly from the digital edition while the advertisement is fresh in the mind. YUDU Publishing PRO also provides comprehensive statistics that are accessible 24 x 7, so advertisers can measure the impact of campaigns.

YUDU Publishing EXPRESS has been created to meet the specific needs of smaller publishers and content owners, allowing them to cut printing costs and increase revenue. YUDU Publishing EXPRESS creates high-quality JPEG-based digital editions with multiple zoom levels for readers that prefer to browse digital editions over PDFs.

Circulation of print publications is in decline, as consumers spend more time online. Inevitably, advertising spend has mirrored this migration to online publications. However, digital outlets can command far less for advertising real estate compared with print publications, as website banner advertisements do not generate the same visual impact as large advertisements in print publications. Furthermore, many readers still prefer to digest a publication in the linear way they have become accustomed to with printed publications.

Digital editions created by YUDU Publishing PRO and YUDU Publishing EXPRESS allow publishers and content owners of all sizes to combine the benefits of both print and offline formats and address this seismic shift in consumer behaviour. Both products create digital editions that provide a rich reading experience through interactive, multimedia pages, including high quality video and audio streaming; while at the same time allowing readers to consume material in the familiar page-by-page manner of offline editions.

YUDU Publishing PRO and YUDU Publishing EXPRESS also allow publishers and content owners to increase advertising revenue by creating digital editions that offer advertisers a raft of benefits. Advertisers can place a full-page advertisement in a digital edition and can ensure high visibility because readers turn page by page through the publication – unlike with traditional free-form websites, where many pages are unseen and full-page advertising is not accepted by readers. Also, full-page advertisements in digital editions command the same amount of visual real estate as full-page print advertisements – but are both cost-effective and can be made interactive and engaging for the reader using rich internet applications, such as video and audio streaming and Flash animation.

Features of YUDU Publishing PRO:
• Vector text for crisp letters at any size;
• Infinite zoom level;
• Multiple video, audio and Flash insertion;
• Accessible / text only version for the blind and partially sighted;
• Multiple own-branding options;
• Shopping list integration for catalogues and e-tailing publications;
• Bespoke feature development;
• Unlimited file size;
• Account management for a seamless publication process;
• Extensive statistics reporting system for marketing intelligence and monetisation, with detailed reporting 24x7;
• Fully comprehensive Digital Rights Management (DRM) tool for the protection of paid for/ confidential publications;
• Search engine optimised digital editions for high ranking publications;
• Publication sponsorship opportunities;
• Automatic web linking to advertisers products.

Features of YUDU Publishing Express:
• Essential statistics reporting;
• High quality image text (JPEG);
• Automatic linking of URLs within publications;
• Fast, simple process;
• Multiple video, audio and Flash insertion;
• Search engine optimised digital editions for high ranking publications;
• Simple payment options, including Paypal, World Pay and credit cards;
• Multiple zoom;
• Up to 5MB multimedia file size allowance.

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