Roamware Launches Release 6.0 of Its Traffic Redirection Solution

Roamware has announced the availability of Release 6.0 of the company's Traffic Redirection solution. This new release of Traffic Redirection incorporates a host of next generation features that enable a higher level of control for mobile operators, and improved quality of service for the subscriber in the roaming environment.

Roamware's TR 6.0 solution enables real-time steering of outbound roaming traffic to preferred roaming networks in the visited locations. The application enables operators to maximise roaming revenues, reduce costs, and deliver high quality service. TR 6.0 does this by steering customers to networks that support the services to which the roamer has subscribed, including CAMEL (prepaid roaming), GPRS, MMS and the virtual home environment.

Already installed in over 130 GSM operator networks, spanning 60 countries, and compliant with the GSM Association's guidelines on steering of roaming, Roamware's patented TR solution was a pioneering development in traffic steering when first implemented in Western Europe in December 2003.

The key features of Roamware's next generation steering solution include:
- Improved Roaming Distribution Roamware's TR 6.0 solution enables operators to distribute roaming traffic across visited networks with a very high level of accuracy at the subscriber level, enabling effective management of wholesale roaming commitments.
- Simplified Over-The-Air Provisioning & SIM Toolkit integration Operators can deploy multiple applications to manage service creation and the quality of service in the wireless environment. With STK widely used on subscriber SIM cards, Roamware's TR 6.0 enables operators to integrate the signalling based traffic steering solution with the OTA platforms. This provides a customised and optimised steering treatment for subscribers based on a specific SIM and handset combination.
- Special Handset Management Without impacting quality of service, Roamware's TR 6.0 incorporates proprietary system tools to effectively enable traffic steering for the release 99 class of handsets. Until now these handsets have been a challenge for traffic steering solutions.
- Proactive Service Management Roamware's TR 6.0 has the unique capability of administering real-time proactive service resolution, enabling immediate service restoration even in the event of a minor deterioration of service quality for the user in the roaming environment. Additionally, the signalling codes used for traffic steering are designed to adapt dynamically to the specific visited network's VLR / SGSN configuration to ensure optimum system performance and user experience.
- System Administration & Reporting Tools Current users of Roamware's Traffic Redirection solution who upgrade to TR 6.0 will benefit from an improved graphical user interface, in-depth and insightful reports, and enhanced trouble shooting and configuration tools that enable better control and ease of system operations for mobile operators.

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