Telrad Launches New Standard-based Ethernet over PDH Solution

Telrad Networks has announced availability of its TAG-10 pair of solutions for providing Ethernet/MEF and legacy services over bonded PDH infrastructure for SMB, wireless backhaul and Access Aggregator devices. The TAG-10a is a standards-compliant AMC card for use at the aggregation end, while the TAG-10c is a customer premises equipment (CPE) for use at the edge.

The TAG-10 provides an answer to the rising market demand for Ethernet services by reducing the necessary capital expenditures required to deploy these services, particularly in markets where there is already an established legacy infrastructure. Similarly, this solution enables service providers to achieve added ROI from their legacy infrastructure by leveraging them for continued use in a high-bandwidth, IP-based environment.

The TAG-10 solution enables layer-1 mapping of Ethernet frames via standard GFP/HDLC/LAPS framing into bonded DS1/E1/J1 and layer-2 statistical multiplexing of Ethernet frames with VLAN separation and VLAN removal/insertion as per IEEE802.1ad (Q-in-Q). The aggregator-end TAG-10a AMC module can be integrated and managed by standard ATCA platform or on vendor-specific carrier cards supporting applications such as wireless backhaul, MSPP, DSLAM, Ethernet switches and PON. The CPE TAG-10c is available in three configurations, distinguished by their bandwidth capacity towards the network side (NNI). Interfaces and capabilities of the different configurations are shown in the product specifications.

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