Paradial to Release of RealTunnel 3.0

Paradial has announced RealTunnel 3.0 adding full support for H.323 and H.460.18/19 firewall, NAT and web proxy traversal. By adding support for H.323 and H.460.18/19 to the existing SIP and protocol agnostic capabilities, Paradial offers a truly unique product in the market space.

As H.460 provides limited connectivity for H.323 communication, Paradial has extended the H.323 firewall NAT traversal capabilities to also include support for TCP and HTTPS relaying when needed in order for calls to be placed and received. This way maximum call completion rates can be achieved for both H.323 and SIP clients independent of location, including when on strict corporate networks. RealTunnel automatically detects the optimal transport mechanism for each call and achieves the best possible audio and video quality for the call at hand.

In addition to support for SIP and H.323, XMPP is supported through a SOCKS interface. Other protocols may be supported through the protocol independent media SDK.

RealTunnel is available on Windows, Linux, MAC and Windows Mobile.

Key Product Facts:
Maximum call completion rate;
Supporting any SIP and H.323 client and as well as any SIP Registrar and Gatekeeper;
The customers can use existing network infrastructure firewalls;
No network or firewall modification is required;
Secure (can be setup as a VoIP SSL VPN);
Supports all major platforms;
Can be deployed as standalone application or embedded;
Optimal voice and video quality.

Supported network protocols:

Supported standards:
SIP (RFC3261);
STUN (RFC3489);
STUN Relay (TURN);
Symmetric Response (RFC3581);
Extension Header Field for Registering Non-Adjacent Contacts (RFC 3327);
Locating SIP Server (SIP DNS);
XMPP through SOCKS.

The most common HTTP proxy authentication schemes are supported:
Basic authentication;
Digest authentication;
NTLM authentication;
Proxy pac scripts.

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