First Future-Proof Industrial Remote Service Device Launched

Innominate Security Technologies has launched its new security device, the mGuard industrial RS, which is set to cut the cost for manufacturers who will have to upgrade to broadband connections for remote maintenance in the near future.

By including both dial-up and Ethernet connections, the robust appliance lowers the cost of migration when a manufacturing plant's networks are upgraded. The device, which features a redundant power supply and compact industrial casing, can be mounted on DIN rails and is based on the highly regarded Innominate mGuard firmware.

The mGuard industrial RS serves as a firewall and VPN appliance for industrial network security and secure remote maintenance via the Internet. It also acts as a secure "1:1 NAT"-capable router for the efficient link-up of production cells. Like all mGuard appliances, it can be centrally managed using the Innominate Device Manager (IDM).

The mGuard industrial RS contains a universal socket for the optional integration of an analogue modem or ISDN terminal adapter. This makes it suitable for use as a firewall / VPN router via Ethernet or serial dial-up connections. As indicated by the abbreviation, "RS", the appliance is particularly suitable for secure remote service, remote diagnosis, and remote maintenance.

The serial dial-up connections of the device also act as a fail safe solution should there be any infiltration to the Ethernet-based connection, increasing remote access availability. For the first time with the mGuard industrial RS, the VPN connections used for remote services can be activated and deactivated using an electronic switch, with their status indicated via an electronic diode. This eliminates the need for the implementation of software for these functions in the plant, providing the operator with control over the remote maintenance connection. Due to the Quality of Service functions of the mGuard 5.0.0 firmware, the mGuard industrial RS is equipped for most modern services, including voice/video over IP with bandwidth management and data traffic prioritisation.

The mGuard industrial RS appliance will be available in four variations from the third quarter of 2007.

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