MapInfo Professional 9.0's Release Announced

Pitney Bowes MapInfo announces the release of MapInfo Professional 9.0, the latest version of the company's flagship application for business mapping and analysis. The enhanced MapInfo Professional offers several new advantages including support for the Microsoft Windows Vista platform, enhanced database support, direct access to more data formats, and the power to combine time and location-based analysis.

MapInfo Professional is a mapping application that enables organisations to leverage data with a location component, leading to more insightful business and public safety decisions. In this newest enhancement, MapInfo Professional delivers features and capabilities that enable users to access, analyse and map their data in new ways and more efficiently. MapInfo Professional 9.0 offers:
Superior Data Access: MapInfo Professional 9.0 provides direct access to new geographic or infrastructure data formats including CAD and competing vendors. This feature facilitates best-in-class product use, saving translation time and effort for end users, while simplifying data management. The new data access capability allows users to add up to 150 additional formats. This capability enables customers to analyse almost any data format directly from MapInfo Professional.
Time-based Data Support: New capability permits correlations between location and time-based activity. For users tracking time-sensitive information, such as crime data, traffic flows, accident data or emergency vehicle movement, this provides the ability to analyse information based on location and time of day in order to better predict time sensitive trends and improve decision making.
Greater Deployment Flexibility: MapInfo Professional offers organisations more flexibility to meet today's diverse IT requirements, including the deployment of MapInfo Professional via silent installs, which facilitates automated deployments of MapInfo Professional to large groups of users, to best fit organisational needs. With support for Microsoft Windows Vista, Citrix and Terminal services, flexible deployment options mean the investment of less IT time.
Improved Usability: Improved product interface for data analysis, map production and improved labelling allows MapInfo Professional users to spend more time on analysis of data.

MapInfo Professional will be available in mid-June.

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