IP Unity Glenayre Connects Video Calls to Non-Video Handsets

IP Unity Glenayre is to unveil new technology at CommunicAsia 2007 that is designed to connect video calls from 3G-enabled handsets to non-video phones. The solution also introduces a unique advertising and promotion capability that expands the value of video telephony over 3G networks.

The new application - Video to Audio Connection - will be demonstrated for the first time at the IP Unity Glenayre stand at CommunicAsia in Singapore later this month. It is designed to ensure that video calls can always be completed, even if the recipient does not have video capability.

The technology also facilitates a potentially lucrative new mobile advertising platform: while waiting for the video call to be completed as a voice call, subscribers can be shown a brief video advertisement or carrier sponsored promotion.

IP Unity Glenayre will also be demonstrating other leading solutions at CommunicAsia, including Video Chat. Video Chat enables multiple 3G users to connect simultaneously and talk from their handsets, computer desktops or IP Video phones from any location. Video Chat builds on IP Unity Glenayre's leadership in video conferencing capabilities to deliver a fun, interactive video experience.

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