CyberLink and Kworld Showcase Remote Access to TV on 3G Phones via CyberLink Live at Computex 2007

CyberLink has announced cooperation with KWorld to demonstrate remote access to live TV programs over the internet, using CyberLink Live at Computex 2007.

CyberLink Live takes digital media entertainment outside the home to anywhere in the world. By "place-shifting" digital content from a home server, users are able to remotely access live TV, music, photos, and videos on a web-enabled device wherever they are.

CyberLink Live consists of a home server application that opens access to the media files that a user wants to be able to access remotely. A user can then login to the CyberLink Live website to access these media files via a user-friendly and highly interactive interface.

CyberLink Live will be showcased for the first time at Computex. Using Kworld's TV tuner card, LiveQ, installed in a home server computer, and a 3G mobile device or a computer to access content, TV signals will be streamed from the home computer. CyberLink Live also allows users to watch live TV with time-shift playback functionality.

Aside from watching live TV from a remote home server, users can also access photos and view as slideshows, watch videos, and listen to music. CyberLink Live also allows users to share user-created content such as videos and photos to friends and family members.

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