Mistral Awarded Exclusive India Distribution Rights for Source Code Analysis Tools from Coverity

Mistral Solutions has entered into a partnership with Coverity. Mistral is now an exclusive distributor of Coverity products in India. Coverity's advanced technology detects and resolves hazardous defects and security breaches in the source code allowing developers to spend less time searching for bugs and more time adding value to products.

These solutions will enable Mistral's customers to detect defects and security vulnerabilities early in the software development process, thereby building better products, decreasing time-to-market, and reducing risks.

Coverity takes a new approach to source code analysis. Coverity's innovations in meta-compilation enable accurate results across large code bases in a fraction of the time required by other source code analysis tools. Coverity is the first system to identify defects with a combination of precision, speed, and accuracy that can effectively deal with the size and complexity of today's code.

Coverity offers two source code analysis products - Coverity Prevent and Coverity Extend, designed to help customers deliver a reliable and secure software.

Coverity Prevent automates the detection of defects and security vulnerabilities in complex software by parsing and analyzing the code at compile time. This technique allows rapid, large-scale analysis of C and C++ source code, often uncovering difficult to detect errors that are typically missed by unit testing, Quality Assurance and manual code reviews. Coverity Prevent's interprocedural analysis evaluates all possible paths in the source code to uncover catastrophic defects that can degrade software performance, crash programs, leave the software vulnerable to security attacks, or cause programs to behave incorrectly.

Coverity Extend is an easy-to-use Software Development Kit that allows developers to detect unique defect types in C and C++ code. Coverity Extend comes with all the out-of-the-box checkers in Coverity Prevent and leverages the Coverity Analysis Engine. To use the Coverity Extend, developers simply write a check in C++ to describe a defect they hope to find.

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