WinMagic Announces Support for Linux

WinMagic has announced that its SecureDoc full-disk encryption product will support Linux by September, 2007. WinMagic is currently demonstrating a working version of SecureDoc for Linux, which supports Novell SUSE for desktops and laptops, at the Gartner Security Summit in Washington DC. The demonstration shows a single multi-boot laptop running Windows Vista, XP, and Linux encryption.

SecureDoc for Linux underscores WinMagic's commitment to open system standards by providing Linux users with encryption software to protect data at rest. In doing so, WinMagic is meeting the demand within it customer base and the market place to protect data on end-point devices.

SecureDoc's unique and robust design will provide organizations working on Linux with a transparent encryption solution for end-point devices that will lower the total cost of ownership and enrich the end-user experience.

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