Wonde Proud Chooses NemeriX for Next Generation GPS Products

NemeriX announces today that Taiwan-based OEM Wonde Proud Technology has selected NemeriX for its new generation of GPS personal navigation devices.

The latest NemeriX solutions will be integrated into a range of Wonde Proud Personal Navigation Device 'mice' so-called because they look much like a computer mouse. NemeriX technology is already built into four models currently available in the UK under the brands of Holux, OnNext and Polaris. European brands include Adapt, XAIOX and Oasis-Media. Depending on user preferences, handheld devices can receive location-based services from 'push' or 'pull' providers. 'Push' providers broadcast information to PNDs of users who have elected to receive information from providers relevant to their personal interests for example film theatres, Chinese restaurants, and jazz clubs. A 'pull' location-based service provider makes their information available to anyone who seeks to 'pull down' (download) services from their PND.

A number of organisations connected with the 2008 Beijing Olympics are said to be interested in Wonde Proud PND devices. Four models are already on sale in China under local brands.

With the new generation of PNDs, people will be able to more rapidly and accurately pinpoint their position and request location-based services. These may be business facilities such as the nearest train station or WiFi-enabled caf? or a more personal benefit such as the nearest hairdresser or date-matching service.

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