IGEL Issues New Version of Remote Manager Suite

IGEL Technology has unveiled the latest upgrades to its Windows XP Embedded firmware and Remote Management Software setting the standard for thin client usability and management.

The Windows XP Embedded firmware includes:
- Partial Update Mechanism: Improving application installations and updates on thin clients by only updating the new or modified files - saving network bandwidth, reducing administration time and complexity.
- Hot Desktop: The Citrix Password Manager agent is included as standard with the latest version of IGEL's Windows XP Embedded firmware. This feature allows users to roam between IGEL XPe devices using a Gemalto .Net smart card and have the IGEL devices boot all server-based and local applications within 10 seconds. This can reduce log-in times for roaming workers by over 90%, boosting the productivity of some workers such as nurses by more than 20%. The Citrix agent is fully integrated into the IGEL Remote Management Suite allowing out-of-the-box deployment and simple point-and-click management.
- Automatic Active Directory registration: Allows time efficient "unattended" roll-out of IGEL thin clients in Microsoft Active Directory environments.
- Citrix ICA Client 10: The latest Citrix ICA 10 client is included as standard.

In addition to the Windows XP Embedded upgrade, IGEL has also launched the latest version of its remote management software. Designed to allow IT administrators to manage thousands of IGEL thin clients across wide area networks, the latest features include security, compliance and extended functionality improvements:
- Logging System: All IGEL device activities, such as configuration changes, boot, wake-on-LAN and shutdown are recorded by IGEL Remote Management Suite. This allows IT Administrators to monitor access to their IT infrastructure rather than the traditional access monitoring of the network.
- Extended remote management support for modern widescreen video resolutions, supported by modern IGEL devices. This allows organisations to roll out new widescreen monitors without having to visit devices and change their screen resolutions.
- Full support for the Microsoft Vista operating system.
- High availability of the IGEL management server using failover clustering with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database.

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