IGEL's XPe Thin Clients Now Include Citrix Password Manager

IGEL Technology has announced the inclusion of Citrix Password Manager and its Hot Desktop feature in the latest version of its Microsoft Windows XP Embedded firmware. Roaming workers in industries such as healthcare can now reduce log-in time by up to 90 percent using the Hot Desktop functionality, which comes pre-installed with its necessary components and applications on IGEL's XPe thin clients. The latest IGEL firmware also provides fast user-switching with integrated Gemalto smart cards to solve the authentication and single sign-on challenges of busy roaming workers.

For IT administrators, the IGEL firmware offers simplified, out-of-the-box configuration, while providing quick and easy log-in for shared workstations or roaming users. Using IGEL's Remote Management Suite, which comes bundled with every IGEL thin client, IT administrators also can manage user credentials to meet security and compliance regulations.

Powered by Citrix Password Manager and its Hot Desktop feature, the IGEL firmware can also:
- Deliver workstation and application access in less than 10 seconds for both server-based applications running on Citrix Presentation Server and local thin client applications such as terminal emulation or Web browser sessions;
- Enforce unique log-ons with a Gemalto. Net smart card and the IGEL XPe thin client with built-in smart card reader;
- Automate launching and log-ons to applications;
- Present the same application screen from one IGEL workstation to another;
- Prevent walk-away security breaches;
- Prevent workstation denial of service;
- Audit shared workstation access events.

Users simply remove the smart card from the IGEL thin client and their current profile is stored. When the card is inserted into an IGEL device, users are asked for their security PIN and the desktop is replicated onto the new device without the need for a lengthy, traditional log-on.

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