The New Face of Multimap.Com Is Revealed to the World

Multimap has launched a new version of its website. Beta testers love the new features and the site is destined to become the favourite lifestyle manager for everyday needs. The new site launch comes at a time when, according to a recent Forrester Research survey, over 45% of people in the UK are using the internet to access maps and travel directions. As the internet community grows rapidly (over 86% of people are regularly using emails) users are expecting more from web-based services.

New features at include:
'Hybrid' draggable maps, improved imagery, and best-of-breed overlays:
Users can now "grab" the map and "drag" it to get a more complete view of the area they're looking at. Multimap has also enhanced its satellite and aerial imagery coverage: satellite and aerial views of the entire world are now available. And the new site offers Multimap's unique "hybrid" map overlaid on satellite and aerial images a service that Multimap pioneered in 2001.

A choice of map type, including Ordnance Survey maps:
Multimap is the only site that offers users the ability to change the type of map you view at the click of a button! Prefer the look of Ordnance Survey Landranger maps? Or Collins maps of London? Just hover your mouse over the "map" button in the top left corner of the map, click on the small map that appears, and the map changes!

Daily essentials for every journey - whatever the distance:
More local information: the "useful information" panel enables you to view points of interest - such as cashpoints, petrol stations, hospitals, and Wi-Fi hotspots on our maps. Click on the individual markers to see more detail about each point of interest.

Local eBay vendor search:
Find your nearest desired item on sale exclusively with Multimap! You can now search for items from eBay vendors near you, or in a specific area. This facility is particularly useful if you're searching for large items, such as a car, and don't want to trek across the country to get it.

Personalised journey planning:
Add your own favourites! It's no longer necessary to be signed up for MyMultimap to save up to three favourite routes or maps. (But if you do sign up, you can save up to 20 favourites, and see them on your mobile see below.)

New mobile services and integration between web and mobile:
Thanks to tight integration between web and mobile, the days of printing a map and promptly leaving it on a printer are long gone. Not only can you still push a map to your mobile phone you can now use MyMultimap Mobile to see your favourites and search history. You can also find new maps while on the move. Just register for MyMultimap, include your mobile number in the registration information, and you're on your way!

Sophisticated printable itinerary:
New print options: we now offer you the ability to print a page showing an overview map, plus detailed views of an area; this detailed option also shows nearest transport links on your print-out.

Improved hotel search:
More comprehensive hotel searching: you can now see hotels from our partners Active Hotels, ASE, Wotif, and Marriot overlaid on the map you're viewing. Just click on the individual markers to see more details of each hotel. You can also search for hotels that have availability on particular dates by clicking on "refine selection".

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