Mid-Sized Banking Sector Tapping Comodo to Provide PKI-Based Two Factor Authentication Solution

The mid-sized banking segment is beginning to understand that establishing trust during online banking transactions is fundamental to attracting new customers. As a result, more and more mid-sized financial institutions are relying on Comodo's authentication expertise and its PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) based Two Factor authentication solution to provide this security.

Comodo's authentication solutions are tied to Comodo's credentials and expertise as a global Certification Authority. Using this expertise, Comodo innovates and delivers cost-effective solutions that are protecting thousands of online customers today. Comodo's Two Factor solution's ease of deployment, customer adoption, and customer support has resulted in rapid adoption by financial institutions including Darby Bank, Interbank, and BankNewport. In fact, within the past 60 days alone, Comodo TF was selected by numerous financial institutions to protect over $10 billion in customer assets combined.

Financial institutions are under pressure to comply with the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) guidelines by year-end for online authentication. To comply with the guidelines, financial institutions must select a two factor authentication solution that ideally meets key performance criteria such as ease of integration, ease of adoption, and ease of configurability. With Comodo Two Factor Certificates, financial institutions can support a high-performance two factor authentication solution without significantly increasing operating costs.

Comodo Two Factor solution offers significant advantages over other two factor solutions (such as matrix cards, tokens, or image recognition solutions) because Comodo TF Certificates are:
- The only PKI based two factor solution available. PKI is considered one of the strongest forms of authentication available for online security.
- The lowest-cost PKI solution due to Comodo's established PKI infrastructure and digital certificate lifecycle management processes.
- One of the easiest multi-layer solutions to adopt because it doesn't require members to alter their banking behavior once their DigitalID has been created. Members can simply continue to use their existing usernames and passwords.
- Highly flexible and configurable.
- A platform that will support future authentication requirements.
- Easily and quickly deployable.
- Backed with quality customer support.

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