DATEV to Protect Laptop Data with SecureDoc Full-Disk Encryption

WinMagic announces that DATEV is installing SecureDoc full-disk encryption software to protect all data on company laptops. Nuremberg-based DATEV will also purchase additional SecureDoc licenses to service its 40,000 member organizations (tax offices, accountant firms, consultants, lawyers, etc.).

With more than 70 percent of all tax offices in Germany affiliated with DATEV and about two thirds of medium-sized German companies' financial accounts being looked after by tax consultants using DATEV software, its initial purchase of 1800 SecureDoc licenses will primarily be rolled out to internal consultants in 26 Information Centres in Germany, its Information Office in Brussels, and several associated offices in Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, and Spain.

SecureDoc's seamless integration with DATEV's mIDentity tokens results from WinMagic's collaboration with major authentication vendors to make it simple to combine the data security benefits of full-disk encryption and the identity management advantages of multi-factor smart cards, USB tokens, PKI certificates, and biometric devices at pre-boot.

The vast array of tokens supported by SecureDoc v4.3 include the Department of Defense's Common Access Card (CAC), Oberthur CosmopollC Card, ActivIdentity V3 Support, 02Micro USB Reader that comes built in with Dell Latitude 620 and 820, Omnikey ExpressCard 4321 reader, Thales TVPN-08, IBM JCOP41, Fujitsu STYLISTIC 5000 Series, NTT reader, and added support for the onscreen keyboard of the Motion Computing LE1600.

True to WinMagic's guiding principle that "whatever you can do with an unencrypted disk, you should be able to do with an encrypted disk" SecureDoc supports disk-imaging capabilities, defragmentation software and other disk utilities, and hibernation mode. DATEV users can even resize partitions on encrypted disks, or run repair utilities and perform data recovery on disks in case of virus infection.

SecureDoc Enterprise Server edition also makes it simple for DATEV to deploy and manage encryption for thousands of users. Remote features permit adding, removing, or augmenting users and profiles as well as allowing password recovery and integration with Active Directory and other LDAP servers such as Novell.

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