CRYPTOCard and AEP Networks Announce Alliance

CRYPTOCard has formed an alliance with AEP Networks to make it simple to combine the benefits of two-factor user authentication with the simple and flexible remote access capabilities of a SSL VPN.

By making it simple to seamlessly integrate two distinct purpose-built solutions, CRYPTOCard and AEP Networks provide improved functionality over alternative offerings that utilize less secure methods for implementing a SSL VPN. In leveraging the extensive knowledge of each others technologies the combined CRYPTOCard/AEP Networks offering meets the rigorous demands of highly-secure networks and IT systems. The two companies will jointly develop channels to market and collaborate on key customer projects.

SSL VPNs are increasing in popularity as more and more companies look to remote working and flexible working patterns to improve employee effectiveness. However, although inherently secure, SSL VPNs still suffer from the same access control issues as most IT infrastructures - in that static passwords are the weakest link.

As well as improving access security for remote workers, the joint offering increases user satisfaction and productivity by removing the need to remember, input, or manage password changes and makes it simple for organizations to comply with new security legislation and privacy laws such as SOX and HSPD-12.

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