Paradial RealTunnel Selected by T-Com Innovationsgesellschaft

Paradial and T-Com Innovationsgesellschaft has announced their cooperation on next generation web-based IP collaboration and communication services. By offering IM (Instant Messaging) services that include Paradial's RealTunnel, T-Com will offer advanced community portal solutions.

Paradial RealTunnel is a FW/NAT (Firewall / Network Address Translation) product. It works with virtually any SIP clients and any FW/NAT device - including strict corporate firewalls - without requiring FW/NAT or network reconfiguration. RealTunnel consists of RealTunnel clients, RealTunnel Signalling Servers and RealTunnel Media Servers. Paradial also offers a RealSIP Conferencing Unit (MCU). RealTunnel supports most SIP clients and SIP servers. Integration points are proxy (SIP proxy for SIP) and SDK. For PC users, the RealTunnel Client works as an ActiveX/DLL component for seamless integration with other IM clients, providing single install and single sign-on.

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