Yoggie Security Systems Presents Yoggie Gatekeeper Series

Yoggie Security Systems has highlighted its Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro, a miniature security appliance which brings all corporate-class security applications within the reach of mobile and remote workers, and presented the latest additions to its Yoggie Gatekeeper range: the Yoggie Gatekeeper SOHO and Personal at Infosecurity 2007. The Yoggie Gatekeeper is essentially a miniature and robust computer that uses a fully hardened and secure embedded OS with the sole purpose of protecting all operating systems. Connectable via USB, this laptop security solution offers 13 layers of protection and eliminates the need for multiple security applications on an OS that may conflict with each other and reduce computer performance. The technology presents an alternative to security only software packages, as the Yoggie Gatekeeper appliance physically separates security applications from the platform by placing them on dedicated hardware.

The Yoggie Gatekeeper series set a new benchmark in the industry in terms of security applications on one appliance and cost per user as compared to software-only security suites, while offering a significantly more robust and comprehensive solution. In addition, the appliance offers scalability via the Yoggie Management Server and extends corporate level security to additional markets including SMBs, SOHO and personal users. Yoggie Security Systems is the only company to provide such a comprehensive security suite in one appliance with 13 layers of integrated software, physical separation of the laptop from the network, embedded hardened operating system that cannot be penetrated through its 2 Flash memory system and patented data mining based security agents.

Yoggie Gatekeeper's 13 layers of security:
Intrusion Detection System / Intrusion Prevention System;
Intrusion VPN Client;
Adaptive Security Policy;
Multi-Layer Security Agent (Patent pending);
Layer-8 Security Engine (Patent pending);
URL Categorization & Filtering;
Transparent Email Proxies (POP3; SMTP);
Transparent Web Proxies (HTTP; FTP).

eXpansys has been appointed to resell the award winning Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro security appliance through its online presence, potentially to 40 territories including the UK, Europe, US, Australia and New Zealand.

eXpansys will make the Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro available to its traditional customer base of early adopters of innovative mobile technologies. Recently floated on AIM, the global reseller has five warehouses internationally and a wide logistics reach.

Yoggie has also announced its appointment of award winning Data Storage Advisors AG to handle Swiss distribution of the Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro, Personal and SoHo. Yoggie is also finalizing further distributor agreements in the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, Latin America and South Africa, with announcements expected in May 2007.

The appointment of Christophe Korfer adds a track record of business development to the Yoggie executive team covering nearly twenty years of high profile IT sales success. Korfer has occupied senior roles with M-Systems, Iomega and ODixion, and brings extensive relationships with North American and European retailers as well as comprehensive experience in developing long-term global distribution channels.

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