Comodo Releases BOClean 4.23

Comodo has announced the launch of Comodo BOClean 4.23. Building on Comodo's recent acquisition of the assets of Privacy Software Corporation, the release coincides with the re-launch of the PSC website under the Comodo brand. Like all of Comodo's desktop security software, BOClean 4.23 is free of charge to end-users.

BOClean can be deployed on single computer or over a network and can be customized for any network or institutional situation. The application is designed to complement traditional anti-virus solutions by checking executable files just before they run. BOClean then consults its database of 278,000 malware signatures (which equates to nearly 2 million malware variants) and instantly kills the process if malware is detected. In this way, BOClean delivers an extra layer of protection by catching any virus, Trojan, or malware that has already eluded the other active guards a user has installed on their system.

BOClean was originally developed by Privacy Software Corporation (PSC) - a privately-owned company that develops malware, trojans, spyware and rootkit detection technology. Comodo also plans to release re-branded and upgraded versions of the entire PSC product family in the near future - which includes IEClean, NSClean, VacPac and FileVac.

Comodo BOClean strengthens the Comodo's commitment to securing the desktop for free. Other free-of-charge solutions include Comodo Firewall Pro; Comodo Antivirus; Comodo iVault (a secure password manager); Comodo Anti-Spam and Comodo Backup.

All previous versions of PSC products will continue to be supported and updated with the latest signature databases. Existing BOClean customers are strongly encouraged to upgrade to the latest version. Users can download Comodo BOClean 4.23 for free from the Comodo website.

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