UK Companies Waste 80% of IT Budget on Maintenance

UK IT departments are investing an unnecessarily large proportion of their time and budgets on maintenance, whilst failing to utilise the systems management tools that are currently available to them.

Research by Quocirca reveals that up-to 80% of an IT budget can be spent on simply maintaining an existing infrastructure. Consequently IT departments have very little time or money to spend on long term solutions that could make day-to-day life easier for technical staff and help to lower departmental costs.

A key part of any systems management toolkit should be an imaging software solution. For greatest efficiency, this solution needs to enable the creation of a controlled set of Image files that will work on any business-class PC or Laptop within the environment.

Running alongside most industry-standard cloning applications, the Universal Imaging Utility (UIU) enables the creation and management of such images, thus dramatically reducing the amount of time an IT professional would traditionally spend on patching, cloning and disaster recovery. The Big Bang software, distributed in the UK by Binary Resource, reduces the time taken to support and maintain the technology infrastructure from a matter of hours to just minutes, freeing up valuable resources to spend on more urgent technical issues whilst cutting overheads substantially.

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