fingerPIN Presents New Products at Infosecurity

At Infosecurity in London, UK fingerPIN introduces logical access technology MatchLogon with fingerPIN, highlights fingerPIN multi-sequencing authentication method and announces UK distributor Sigma Software Distribution.

fingerPIN is a biometric authentication method that is secure and convenient to users. Allowing users to authenticate themselves through a sequence of their fingerprints, fingerPIN is vastly superior to single fingerprint and non biometric access control methods. fingerPIN is highlighting its Windows XP Logon product MatchLogon with fingerPIN.

Developed for secure network access and logon the technology uses fingerPIN's patented multi-fingerprint sequence technology to provide a single step two factor authentication which completely eliminates the need for passwords and tokens. MatchLogon with fingerPIN v1.5 is a robust security platform offering authentication, authorization, auditing, and administration for the Microsoft Windows Active Directory.

Through fingerPIN the risk of someone fraudulently logging on or accessing a secure directory using a third person's fingerprint data is reduced to 1 in 10 billion due to fingerPIN's unique and powerful matching engine which reduces false acceptances and stores and recalls templates in sequence.

MatchLogon with fingerPIN:
Allows logon to Microsoft Windows in seconds without usernames, passwords or tokens, by simply entering their fingerPIN sequence;
Registers multiple users and securely stores their biometric data with absolute confidence;
Operates on a standalone workstation, and supports multiple client workstations on a network;
Allows secondary username and password functionality if desired;
Logon can only operate with users' consent, providing irrefutable access.

fingerPIN has announced an exclusive distribution agreement with Sigma Software Distribution to sell Matchlogon with fingerPIN throughout the reseller channel within the UK and Ireland. Sigma SD, is a preferred supplier with 280 resellers and a large proportion of the UK market, and will work with value added resellers with a customer base within sectors where data security is key, for instance, legal, defence, finance and banking and professional services companies.

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