NumeriX Releases Version 6 of its Pricing and Risk Software

NumeriX has released version 6 of its flagship analytics software. NumeriX 6 boasts key improvements to its user interface, enhanced capacity for integration, and improved flexibility and simplicity to meet trader and structurer operational demands. Version 6 also introduces a set of wizards, added instrument coverage, support of a new asset class for inflation rate derivatives, the industry's first commercially available Stochastic volatility Libor Market Model for interest rates, as well as, deep market data integration making it easier than ever to price and structure new instruments on demand.

Users now have a choice of picking the traditional object interface or the functional interface. Customers will benefit from the following tools:
- Quick Start a new, intuitive navigation tool that allows quick and easy access to the extensive analytics library;
- Structuring Wizard provides the ability to build custom structures and create simple-to-use deal workbooks while being guided by an intuitive wizard;
- Solution Builder provides the ability to create complete solutions from customizable components. This powerful tool allows users to define and build trading strategies quickly and effortlessly;
- Auto-loading and On-Demand a tool to achieve consistency and interoperability with old, new and auto-loaded data;
- Data Links to Bloomberg, BQuotes (native integration), CMA DataVision and Markit.

Version 6 now supports instruments such as Principal and Interest Only (PO and IO) tranches, two new Credit and Interest rate Hybrid models, Credit spread VaR and shortfall for credit sensitive instruments, multifactor models for inflation derivatives, and the Stochastic volatility Libor Market Model. Other improvements include added functionality to the software developer's kit for more accurate calibrations and more consistent access across instruments and pricers. NumeriX analytics are easily integrated into the front, middle, and back office solutions of institutions and 3rd party partners through the NumeriX SDK, in C++, Java and C#.

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