FontAgent Pro for Windows Unveiled

Attendees of NEXPO will be the first to see Insider Software's newest product, FontAgent Pro for Windows. Being unveiled to newspaper professionals this week, FontAgent Pro for Windows is based on its Macintosh font manager.

The new version of FontAgent Pro brings professional font management capabilities to the Windows platform so users can:
- Automatically diagnose and repair font problems and create organized font libraries;
- Locate all Windows TrueType, OpenType, and Type 1 PostScript font files and test their integrity;
- Optimize the Windows Fonts Control Panel by moving fonts not required by Windows into the font library;
- Activate and de-activate fonts with a click to save system resources and keep font menus manageable;
- Activate fonts at the style level, thereby enhancing stability, reducing document size, and enhancing performance by reducing hardware requirements;
- Define font sets and subsets to enable easy font activation, management, and organization;
- View text strings in a variety of fonts, sizes, and colors using Font Player and Font Compare viewers;
- Print color font books and sample sheets for easy reference and for sharing designs with clients and associates;
- Export fonts into folders for easy sharing with service bureaus and printers;
- Backup font files into central archives for safekeeping and easy restoration;
- Rename cryptic Windows font filenames to real fonts.

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