Kasenna's MediaBase XMP VOD Server Ranked the Number #2 Server

Kasenna has announced that Multimedia Research Group has ranked Kasenna's MediaBase XMP VOD server the number #2 server deployed globally, based on successful deployments in 2006. With more than 60 new service provider deployments in 2006, Kasenna has captured the second highest share of the video server, up from its #3 rank in 2005.

In several other broad-ranging announcements made at the NAB 2007 show in Las Vegas, the company also announced:
Results of the industry's first one-million-subscriber IPTV benchmark test that it conducted in conjunction with Hewlett-Packard and Intel Corporation.
Strategic partnership with Amino Systems, one of the leading IPTV STB providers, and with ANT Software, provider of a leading browser and other TV application software, to showcase its PortalTV software suite, which leverages its browser-based, smart-client application running on STBs, to rapidly deploy new, customizable IPTV services .

A multi-format, multi-network and multi-client video server, MediaBase XMP is deployed more widely than any other IP video server in the industry and provides a cost-effective, scalable and reliable way to deliver VOD, network PVR, StartOver TV, pay-per-view, and more.

The company has also announced that it has set a new industry milestone, testing and proving the viability of a one-million-subscriber IPTV network. Such scalability of Kasenna's PortalTV, which includes LivingRoom 2.0 middleware running on industry-standard servers, is an industry first. At 120,000 active subscribers per server, LivingRoom delivered performance thousands of times greater than the number of customers claimed by other vendors, and delivers an emerging model to help telecom carriers plan their initial IPTV rollouts and scale their networks profitably and seamlessly as customer demand for IPTV widens.

MediaBase XMP is Kasenna's flagship video delivery software that manages the video content for delivery, turning affordable off-the-shelf Linux/Intel servers from leading server vendors into high-performance video delivery platforms. The highly scalable architecture is designed to match the subscriber growth and protects the carrier's and service provider's investments.

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