WinMagic to Demonstrate SecureDoc v4.3 at Gartner Symposium

WinMagic will demonstrate its newly-released SecureDoc v4.3 for the first time at the Gartner Symposium in San Francisco, April 22-26. WinMagic will show how SecureDoc v4.3's improved Graphical User Interface makes it simple for administrators to manage all communications between SecureDoc clients and the SecureDoc Enterprise Server in real-time. Increased functionality includes a new log system to provide administrators with enhanced system feedback, and a quarantine system to expedite the trouble shooting of communication problems.

Attendees can see how SecureDoc v4.3 enables the system to determine whether communication with the server should be postponed to lower potential network traffic. The demonstration will also show how SecureDoc v4.3 enables administrators and users to encrypt different partitions with respective encryption keys during the initial full-disk encryption process - making it simple to encrypt specific areas of the hard drive.

SecureDoc v4.3 provides improved Removable Media Encryption functionality, which can be easily enabled from a Windows Explorer browser. Whether an endpoint device is running SecureDoc full-disk encryption software or not, USB thumb drives can now be easily read with WinMagic's DiskViewer. As a result, SecureDoc users can not only encrypt removable media, but can also transport the USB thumb drive for use on other computers without the purchase of additional licenses - provided the user authenticates to the USB device.

Compatible with all editions of Microsoft Vista XP, 2000, 2003 Server, SecureDoc v4.3 enables organizations to continue utilizing SecureDoc when upgrading the operating system. SecureDoc v4.3 expands its support for the Trusted Platform Module to include support for TPM v1.2 - making it simple to add an extra layer of security by seamlessly supporting the authentication of the disk drive to the computer. SecureDoc v4.3 also supports most authentication tokens, including the Department of Defense's Common Access Card. Further, WinMagic will be demonstrating multifactor end-user authentication with a combination of biometrics, password, USB hardware token, and TPM at pre-boot.

Administrator, user, and system friendly, SecureDoc v4.3 installs transparently to encrypt the entire hard drive, and does not require its own partition, saving administrator time and as much as 1.5 GB of hard drive space. Additional functionality includes:
Full support for Spyrus Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC): Predicted to be the predominant public key cryptography mechanism as it provides the same security as traditional public key schemes with much shorter key sizes. The U.S. National Security Agency has endorsed ECC technology by including it in its Suite B set of recommended algorithms.
Full support of certificates from local store which enables a user to choose to use their Windows Certificate to protect their SecureDoc key file to add another layer of protection for the 256-bit encrypted key.
Additional support of third party software, including Norton Ghost 10, IBM ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery version 3, and Kaspersky antivirus.
New support for Microsoft SQL 2005 as the database backend.
Full support for Absolute's Computrace software.

SecureDoc v4.3 makes it simple to deploy and manage encryption for any number of users. Remote features permit adding, removing, or augmenting users and profiles as well as allowing password recovery. SecureDoc v4.3 also integrates with Active Directory and other LDAP servers such as PKI, and Novell.

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