Zetafax 2007 Supports Windows Vista

The fresh release by Equisys of the new version of its fax software, Zetafax 2007, supports Microsoft's latest platforms. The integration of Zetafax with Microsoft Windows Vista, the 2007 Microsoft Office system and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 makes it easier for users to send faxes from within Outlook and Office running on Vista or XP. Zetafax also provides the simplest of installation and set up procedures for system administrators.

This very latest version of Zetafax supports all the business editions of Microsoft's new operating system: Windows Vista Business, Enterprise and Ultimate. It uses Microsoft Office's new ribbon user interface and Microsoft .NET to take advantage of new capabilities within the 2007 Microsoft Office system to enable a user of Outlook 2007 to send a document via the Zetafax Server in just the same way as sending an email. This saves having to fire up a separate fax application. Also, Zetafax simplifies the task of addressing faxes thanks to its support for Outlook address books. Microsoft has recognized Equisys' early support of Office 2007 by awarding Equisys the status of Launch Partner for the 2007 Microsoft Office system.

Integration doesn't stop there. The Zetafax Server links into the new server role based architecture of Exchange Server 2007, removing the need to install any additional software on the Exchange server. On-going management is also smoother as there is no requirement to update any Active Directory schemas, nor any need to make further changes if Exchange Service Packs and software updates are released downstream.

For the system administrator, Zetafax 2007 requires the minimum of effort. The new combined install program takes care of installing all of the necessary components on users' PCs and automatically keeps client software up to date. Use of Windows Group Policy eases remote deployment of this client software, removing the need to visit workstations when installing Zetafax. Integration with Active Directory means that users' fax accounts can be set up rapidly by importing users' existing network credentials. Then, as new employees join a company, the new 'auto enrolment' feature enables them to create their own Zetafax user accounts when they first use the fax software.

At the top of the Zetafax range is Zetafax Duo which adds the power and features of Zetadocs PDF to Zetafax 2007. This provides a highly visual 'document builder' to combine and convert documents to PDFs and then send them securely by email, as well as fax. It's ideal for creating and delivering business documents such as sales quotations, purchase orders and financial statements.

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