Chyron Releases Lyric PRO 7 Graphics Creation & Playout Software

Chyron has announced the launch of Lyric PRO 7, the latest version of Chyron's graphics creation and playout workflow software, now available across the Chyron product line. Visitors to the Chyron booth at NAB2007 will witness Chyron pushing the creative boundaries with Lyric PRO 7's dual renderers. These include a continuous graphics renderer and a new advanced text renderer that enables the display of virtually any font set, including Unicode and Complex Scripting. The continuous renderer also allows the creation of multiple timelines, so that animations can be taken on and off air at will, while maintaining multi-scene compositing on output.

Interactive Messages can trigger events within themselves or other messages; persistent objects can remain on-screen throughout multiple message reads; hierarchical animations allow creation of complex animations-within-animations; and real-time particle effects and shaders add a truly unique look.

Key features of Lyric PRO 7 include:
- FBX Importer delivers unprecedented levels of interoperability with Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya for the Lyric PRO authoring environment, all while maintaining original polygon meshes, geometry hierarchy, lights, cameras and animations within the Lyric scene.
- Adobe XMP metadata integration provides sophisticated graphics management and the ability to automatically extract data to populate text fields in Lyric pages.
- Adaptable primitive geometry brings enhanced element creation tools into Lyric for generating bar charts, pie graphs and other data-driven graphics essential for live election coverage, statistics display, etc.
- Pie FX applies real-time effects from industry-standard GenArts Sapphire Plug-ins and others to Lyric PRO graphics.

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