Nero to Launch the Stand Alone Version of BackItUp 2

Nero is going to release of the stand alone version of BackItUp 2, a complete data backup and disaster recovery solution. BackItUp 2 is Vista-ready and provides versatile capabilities such as highly configurable automatic backup scheduling, data encryption, virus protection, and extensive media and storage device compatibility. BackItUp 2 will be available early May in North and South America.

BackItUp 2's disaster recovery application easily overcomes even the worst catastrophes. After a hard drive crash, a PC can be quickly restored to a previous, secure state. Users can create a bootable tool to remedy situations where Windows can no longer boot itself.

BackItUp 2 combines exceptional ease-of-use with power and versatility. Highly configurable automatic backup scheduling with a calendar-based overview helps prevent backup lapses. BackItUp 2's email notification feature apprises users of job status, and can send log files as attachments. To maximize efficiency, the program can search a drive backup archive and extract specific files and folders without restoring the entire backup. An incremental backup feature archives only those files that have changed since the last backup. An integrated virus scanner also checks and cleans files as they are added to the backup archive.

With BackItUp 2, any organization can utilize its existing storage infrastructure to more effectively safeguard important data. The application can save data to NAS (network attached storage) devices and other network storage solutions such as Windows network shares and FTP servers. For maximum compatibility, a number of protocols including SSL, SFTP and proxy servers are supported.

Backups can also be saved on optical media formats, including CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs and HD DVDs. BackItUp 2 utilizes media defect management to help guarantee data integrity, and the program can automatically span archives across multiple pieces of media. Internal and external hard disc drives, including external drives with the recently introduced high speed eSATA HDD connectivity standard, provide additional backup options.

BackItUp 2 fully supports cutting-edge Windows Vista features such as virtual search folders. With Vista, folders and links can be saved and organized in virtual folders. Nero BackItUp 2 restores these folders and their contents even after a complete system failure. Regardless of where the files are actually stored on a PC, backing up virtual search folders with BackItUp 2 ensures the preservation of important data.

BackItUp 2 supports silent and unattended installation processes that offer organizations a wide variety of installation parameters to customize and deploy the software on multiple PCs remotely via scripting or via Microsoft's SMS service. BackItUp 2 also includes a shadow copy feature, meaning users do not need to stop working when a backup is taking place. Open files are backed up safely using a copy of the files currently open.

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