ICQ 6.0 Launched

ICQ has launched the new 6.0 version. ICQ 6 is not merely an upgrade but rather a complete redesign of the user experience. ICQ 6 offers a single platform enabling users to send messages and conduct voice and video calls. All this in a friendly and intuitive environment with a new and original soundtrack composed by Infected Mushroom exclusively for ICQ.

ICQ 6 provides users with an innovative communication experience and enables quick and simple interaction among users across all communication platforms. ICQ 6 offers the entire suite of digital and mobile communication tools available today, all integrated seamlessly in a single message window. ICQ 6 boasts an entirely new client infrastructure and a completely redesigned UI along with a fresh look and feel.

Innovations and improved features in ICQ 6 include:
- Quick IM - enabling users to send messages to contacts without opening a message window.
- Easy access simple navigation between incoming messages.
- Tabbed conversations - management of all active conversations in one message window by using tabs.
- History - new and improved search history of messages, files, calls etc.
- Search capabilities - advanced and easy-to-use search through contacts, on ICQ, and on the web.

In addition, ICQ 6 puts emphasis on the sound experience and comes with an all new soundtrack composed and performed by the progressive psy-trance duo Infected Mushroom.

ICQ 6 is available in English, shortly to be followed by customized partner versions and other language versions.

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