Samsung Samples 4.8-inch and 7.0-inch WSVGA Mobile Displays

Samsung is sampling 4.8-inch and 7.0-inch WSVGA mobile displays this quarter that specifically target the Ultra Mobile PC and mobile internet device categories. The 4.8-inch display is suited for wireless broadband internet and portable navigation systems marketed to consumers. On the other hand, the 7.0-inch panel has been developed for use in vertical UMPC markets targeting children's education, as well as for mobile professionals using a variety of PC applications including e-mail.

The 4.8-inch display uses Samsung's single-chip display driver that combines source driver, timing controller, level shifter and LVDS receiver. Using Samsung's latest advanced integration techniques, the overall circuit footprint and component count have been reduced more than any other comparably-sized product, while providing a convenient high-resolution path for manufacturers to upgrade from the WSVGA format to WXGA. Samsung is working closely with Intel to accelerate market acceptance of UMPC and MID market opportunities as an ultra mobile ecosystem participant, specifically in the field of electronic display reference designs. Samsung's 4.8-inch model consumes a mere 0.9 watts thanks to the company's low-temperature polysilicon implementation.

Main LCD Specifications:
- Display size - 4.8-inch and 7.0-inch;
- Resolution - WSVGA (1024 X 600 pixels);
- Mode - 4.8-inch: Low temperature polysilicon; 7.0-inch: Amorphous silicon;
- Display type - Transmissive Micro-Reflective;
- Brightness - 350nit;
- Contrast ratio - 350:1;
- Colors - 262k;
- Color saturation - 50% of NTSC;
- Viewing angles - 60 (top), 60 (bottom), 65 (left), 65 (right);
- Power consumption - 4.8-inch: 0.9 Watts (including panel and backlight); 7.0-inch: 3.6 Watts (including panel and backlight).

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