EverNote 2.0 Released

EverNote has announced the immediate availability of EverNote 2.0, EverNote Plus 2.0 and EverNote Portable 2.0, the newest versions of its note taking and information capturing software.

EverNote Plus now includes unique AIR-Search (Advanced Image Recognition) technology, available to the public for the first time, which allows users to search within photos, scanned images and graphics in their EverNote collections for printed and handwritten text. With EverNote Portable, users who need the ability to run EverNote on any PC without installing the application can install EverNote on a USB Drive and enjoy the ultimate in application and data portability. The company is also releasing the public beta of EverNote Outlook Extension, an application that runs inside Windows Outlook and integrates content from EverNote with Outlook software.

EverNote software provides a single place for capturing, categorizing, and instantly locating all kinds of information, such as typed and handwritten notes, web clips, emails, phone messages, addresses, passwords, brainstorms, sketches, photos and documents, and accessing them across multiple platforms and devices. EverNote 2.0 allows users to share their notes via portable devices, email and instant messengers, capture and categorize notes with new universal clipping and linking features, as well as safely encrypt notes for public or private accessibility. Additionally, EverNote Plus 2.0 includes synchronization of notes via removable media.

With the addition of AIR-Search, EverNote now provides the most sophisticated, seamless search capabilities for helping people to capture and find the digital things that they want to remember most. With AIR-Search, EverNote users can add images containing all types of text to their EverNote databases and conduct a keyword search inside the images of labels, diagrams, snapshots of magazine and newspaper articles, nametags, signs, handwritten notes, and more. For example, if a user takes a snapshot of a whiteboard brainstorming session and saves it to EverNote, the text will then be searchable by keywords and automatically categorized by the EverNote software as a handwritten note.

In addition to AIR-Search and application portability, other highlights of EverNote 2.0 include:
- New Universal Clipper: Available as an optional download, the Universal Clipper works in the background and adds to the EverNote tape's selected portion of contents of the currently active desktop program. It also allows selecting and adding to the EverNote tape a snapshot of a portion of the screen.
- Embedded To-Dos allow users to convert any note into a To-Do list on the fly.
- Note Flags and Flag Categories provide a convenient note selection and markup tool.
- New navigation functionality and shortcuts: Includes new Note List feature, enhanced scrolling, expanded auto categorization and new shortcuts to make EverNote even easier to use and navigate.
- Updated Intelligent Multiple Categories: Categories for automatic filtering can be assigned by simply dragging and dropping information contained in notes. Additionally, Category Locator simplifies organization of notes by multiple categories.

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