Whizzo Technologies Releases Whizzo CleanSuite

Whizzo Technologies has announced the new Whizzo CleanSuite software release candidate. Whizzo CleanSuite provides PC users with a "one-click fix" solution to common problems created by spyware, malware, viruses, and other software-related issues that slow performance and inhibit computer efficiency. Whizzo CleanSuite offers a complete suite of all Whizzo programs in one easy-to-use package. Repair, protect, and maintain your PC with just one click.

Highlights of the Whizzo CleanSuite release candidate include:
- Fast and easy-to-use interface;
- One-click-fix solution to repair, maintain, and protect PCs;
- Advanced settings for experienced users;
- Low system and memory requirements;
- SpyJacker - Whizzo SpyJacker detects and removes malware that gets in your computer - spyware, adware, and hijacker programs.;
- Internet Safe - Internet Safe stops hackers from accessing your PC, and helps you to stop malicious or unknown programs from accessing the Internet and potentially downloading additional programs;
- CleanStart - Whizzo CleanStart optimizes startup and performance on PCs. Non-techie translation: Turns off those programs that make your computer start slow, and run even slower;
- Privacy Screen - Whizzo Privacy Screen cleans program tracks and histories, providing a high level of privacy for users;
- Registry Polish - Whizzo Registry Polish software cleans and repairs the Windows Registry. Non-techie translation: Stops system crashes and down time before they happen;
- System Scope - System Scope warns you of any impending hardware failure, and allows you to monitor CPU usage and memory function - combines several tools and programs into one easy-to-use monitoring system;
- Junk Cleaner - Whizzo Junk Cleaner cleans unnecessary and hidden junk files on computers, leaving your PC with more storage and memory availability and smoother operation, plus it finds and removes adware (unwanted programs that provide computer information back to advertising sites) that hides in hidden temporary folders the user may not know exist;
- Toolbar Cleanser - Whizzo Toolbar Cleanser cleans removes unnecessary and unwanted harmful internet items, toolbars and BHOs (Browser Helper Objects). Toolbar Cleanser provides recommendations to help the PC user decide which toolbars to remove or keep;
- Opera - Internet browser Opera provides the most advanced safety features for PCs to keep unwanted items out of your system, including: Popup Blocking; ActiveX blocking; Anti-phishing; Content Blocker; History and Cache cleaning on exit of browser; Cookie control.

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