Apple: Introducing Final Cut Server. Your Assets' Greatest Asset

There's nothing worse than diving through volumes and folders to find an asset, especially when you're working under pressure. Final Cut Server lets you see your project assets in a single view, no matter where the files are stored. If you need an additional asset, you can complete a search in seconds.

Use Final Cut Server to automatically catalog your media in any format and in any location. Powerful layered search tools let you find any asset fast, whether you're in the studio or on the road. Browse thumbnails, poster frames, and proxies generated by Final Cut Server in formats you specify.

Final Cut Server extracts and reports industry-standard metadata, including IPTC, XMP, and XML data types, so you won't have to waste time reentering data. You can also configure a rich set of custom metadata to support the way you work.

Freedom from repetitive tasks

Job tracking. Review and approval. Delivery, transfers, and archiving. These and a hundred other tasks are all important, and they all take time. With Final Cut Server, you won't have to give them a second thought.

Use the fully configurable event-based response model in Final Cut Server to track job status, monitor media changes, facilitate review and approval, and automate complex sequences of tasks. Get started quickly with professional workflow templates for your type of facility, then modify them or create completely custom flows. Final Cut Server scales to support workgroups of any size, ranging from a two-person post house to a multisite global news operation.

A member of the Final Cut family

Final Cut Server is a seamless extension of the editing workflow in Final Cut Pro. Drag assets from Final Cut Server to any of the Final Cut Studio applications. Use Final Cut Server to organize Productions—including any combination of Final Cut Pro projects, rough cut sequences, media assets, and production documents. Or create a Final Cut Pro project in Final Cut Server and check it out to begin editing; when you check it back in, the catalog updates automatically.

Whether you're cutting commercials, editing feature films, or pushing out the nightly news, Final Cut Server helps you work faster and smarter whenever you're working together.

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