Adobe: Introducing Adobe Media Player

Delivered as a lightweight download, Adobe Media Player delivers innovation for both viewers and content owners. For viewers, Adobe Media Player enables higher quality Flash format playback, the ability to download and view videos offline, ways to discover interesting new shows, full screen playback, one-click viewer ratings, and a powerful Favorites feature that automatically downloads new episodes of favorite TV shows or video podcasts. The player is cross-platform, based on open standards including RSS and SMIL and brings viewers the highly desired ability to play the Web's most popular video format outside of their browser.

For content publishers, Adobe Media Player enables better ways to deliver, monetize, brand, track and protect video content. It provides an array of video delivery options for high-quality online and offline playback, including on-demand streaming, live streaming, progressive download, and protected download-and-play. The Adobe Media Player enables a wider selection of monetization and branding options including viewer-centric dynamic advertising and the ability to customize the look and feel of the player on the fly to match the brand or theme of the currently playing content.

Advanced Analytics and Content Protection

The technology provides content publishers a standardized toolbox to deploy a variety of innovative new advertising formats, and to compile permission-based analytics data, both online and offline, to better understand their audiences. Building on Adobe's rich history of document protection technology, Adobe Media Player plans to offer content publishers a range of protection options, including streaming encryption, content integrity protection and identity-based protection.

Adobe's Emerging Internet Video Ecosystem

Adobe Media Player is a key part of Adobe's emerging ecosystem for the creation and delivery of next generation Internet video. It complements and leverages other Adobe components including: Adobe Flash Player; the newly announced Adobe Flash CS3 Professional; Flash Media Server 2, server software for streaming media applications; Flash Lite mobile video playback technology; Adobe's range of media authoring tools such as Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium for video, audio and motion graphics production; and Adobe Media Encoder for compression and live streaming.

Adobe Media Player is developed using Apollo, the code name of Adobe's recently announced application runtime that empowers content publishers and web developers to build and deploy rich Internet applications on the desktop using technologies such as Flash, PDF, and HTML. Adobe Media Player is planned to be available as a free beta download from the Adobe Web site later in 2007 with full availability expected by the end of the year, from Adobe and a wide range of media and technology partners.

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