FTS Launches Leap Billing RC Version 7.0 for the Americas Market

FTS has announced the availability of Leap Billing RC (LBRC) version 7.0, a next generation billing and CRM solution for the Americas market. Version 7.0 builds upon the company's extensive experience and success gathered from FTS' large installed base of customers and years of product development.

The new version focuses on four key areas:
1. Enhanced support for MVNOs, IP based services, and content - This includes extensive additions to LBRC's charging functionality addressing new advanced services and bundled offerings. Coupled with its flexibility and outstanding configurability, the solution enables providers to stay ahead of their competition and lead with new services.
2. Customer retention - Focusing on one of the industry's most pressing needs, LBRC Version 7.0 introduces additional customer retention functionality including loyalty points, rewards, and discounts.
3. New management tools improving control and performance - OPEX efficiency has been lifted to new heights. LBRC Version 7.0 includes a new set of management tools (workflow, work queues and monitors) to provide for ultimate control of order processing, treatment and other internal processes.
4. Consolidation support - Helping providers as they participate in the substantial industry consolidation, the new version includes a state-of-the-art, XML-based transformation tool (XBi) allowing efficient infallible integrations and systems migrations.

Having a keen focus on the industry and its customers, FTS developed this release through strong cooperation with its growing customer base. The Leap Billing RC User Group has been actively contributing to the release with ideas, areas of improvement and helping FTS focus on real provider needs. The resulting solution not only addresses standard next generation billing issues but goes a long way in delivering a platform for revenue growth, customer retention, and OPEX containment.

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