The IT Job Board Advises Public Sector on Effective Online Recruitment

Online recruitment specialist,, has produced a free guide to enable public sector employers to make their online job ads more effective. With the skills shortage in the IT sector taking hold, advises on how to ensure online adverts maximise the chances of candidates finding and applying for jobs outside the commercial sector.

The guide gives practical tips on a number of techniques specific to online advertising, which requires different criteria to the print advertisements more traditionally used by public sector recruiters. To help employers generate a good number of high quality responses, also advises that adverts should highlight the significant benefits of working in the public sector.

The guide suggests some of the following tips for ensuring maximum exposure on the web:
Think about what search terms a candidate will use and tailor adverts accordingly;
Avoid using internal job titles, or terms only prevalent in the public sector, as these are likely to be unfamiliar to a lot of job seekers;
Highlight the benefits of working in the public sector environment;
Insert skills and keywords in the body of the text to increase the 'ranking' of the advert;
Word limits to do not apply to online ads, so ensure the body of the advert is 'keyword rich' to maximise the chances of candidates finding (and therefore applying) for the job.

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