GT Software Announces Ivory Service Architect Version 3.3

GT Software has announced Ivory Service Architect version 3.3, which enables batch systems to leverage CICS, IMS, and Web services. Ivory Service Architect is an integrated toolset that uniquely enables corporations to rapidly assemble Web services from mainframe assets, as well as enabling mainframe applications to easily consume externally defined Web services.

Ivory Service Architect consists of Ivory Studio, a graphical modeling environment; Ivory Server, a high performance SOAP processor with runtime service orchestration; and the new Ivory Server for Batch. Ivory Service Architect 3.3 also adds comprehensive support of XML standards, the ability to import and leverage XSD schemas, and expanded support for IMS.

With Ivory Service Architect, developers can quickly and easily assemble and publish Web services, developing right-sized composite services from existing mainframe assets with little or no training or consulting. The solution then provides a high-performance runtime engine for executing the deployed services within CICS, zOS, or Windows-based environments. Services can be composed using of any combination of CICS, IMS, mainframe data, as well as external Web services.

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